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Check out this FREE nutrition seminar series! From calories to carbs, fasting to fad diets, Ozempic to optimal health, we discuss it all! Includes meal plans, book giveaways, and guest appearances! Every seminar will be posted to YouTube, all completely free! Starts May 28!

Tuesdays at noon!

May 28-Sept 3, 2024

Bowery Park, Daybreak

10639 Cave Run Lane

South Jordan, UT 84009

Check this page weekly to find each seminar on YouTube, and all the resources, meal plans, workout guides, and more, all for free!

Week One- Our Current Nutrition Predicament- How Bad Is It?

It can't be that bad... Can it?

It's pretty bad. Wanna see how bad it is? Try this quiz to get started!

Here is the video on YT in case you missed it!

Coming soon!

Here are this week's meal plans-

The Meals

The Ingredients

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