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Strength training has incredible benefits. Let us show you how to do it effectively and efficiently. From one-on-one or virtual training, to remote online programming, we'll teach you how to build muscle and let your body do the work of burning fat for you. All of our program designs are based on where you are starting, where you want to go, and what equipment you have available to you (or join us in-person in South Jordan, UT, to avoid the gym and safely train with us using our equipment)!

Pilates is a transformative and unique approach to moving the entire system that is possible for all skill levels and body types. With a focus on the breath, deep abdominal engagement, and alignment of the body's structure, Pilates offers full body length and strength. Learn how to move with efficiency and control while gaining a deeper understanding of your body. We offer both in-person and virtual options, so we have you covered, wherever you are!

Pilates with Ball

The Rossiter System is a deep, powerful, and highly-effective form of tissue release. Using a two-person pin and stretch approach, clients work closely with the coach to find the underlying causes of their pain, dysfunction, or imbalance opposed to treating the symptoms associated. The Rossiter Sytem empowers people to tune more deeply into their bodies, have a voice in their plan for healing, and feel supported along their recovery. The Rossiter System relieves and eliminates:

-Low back and hip pain

-Migraines and tension headaches

-Sciatica and Piriformis pain

-Plantar Fasciitis and shin splints

-Rotator cuff tears and Frozen Shoulder

-Carpal Tunnel and trigger fingers

-Tennis and Golfer's Elbow

-Peripheral Neuropathy

-Restless Leg Syndrome

Counting calories is a waste of time. If you've tried it and failed, there is a reason why. Let us teach you how to make the fundamentals of a ketogenic diet work for you. From meal plans to one on one coaching, you can discover the benefits yourself. Get the body and energy you want and deserve. Burn fat, not calories. We offer both meal plans and coaching, with both in-person and virtual options, so we have you covered, wherever you are!

Healthy Food
Man Working Out

Cardio, demystified. With our experts, we can show you the most effective way to get to your goals. We will teach you which intensities burn fat, not time.

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