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Breathing Properly For Better Performance

Breathe in. Now breathe out. Congratulations, you are alive!

You can go several weeks without food. You can go several days without water. But if you stopped breathing for more than a few minutes, it is likely that you would not survive. Yet most of us don’t even think about this simple and critical action, and how we can use it to improve our lives.

Just ask former world champion free diver Tanya Streeter. In 2002, Tanya broke the record for the deepest underwater dive that any human has ever done (525 feet! Whoa!), male or female, on a single breath!

“It’s like a reset button, isn’t it?”, said Tanya. “I think there’s just the calming aspect of a deep breath that we know physiologically has benefits to it.”

“If you can use your breath in different ways for strengthening or advancing yourself in some way, then it’s magical. It’s almost like an elixir.”

When we know how to breathe correctly, we can calm ourselves down and make better decisions. We become more present in the moment and see things in a much more relaxed perspecti