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Boundless Body Dispatch July 2022

Happy July! Hope you all had an amazing holiday! Here is edition #1 of our monthly dispatch!

Client Shout-Out- CREW KETTEN!

Crew Ketten (IG- @crew_kars_ketten) is an unbelievable motocross athlete! We have worked with Crew several times a month to help build up his strength to compete at the highest levels of motocross. After suffering insane injuries and setbacks, including a serious brain injury and an arm fracture in 2021 that required surgery and rehab, Crew has pushed through and endured, and last month he qualified for the National Championship, which is taking place in Tennessee in August!! Crew has been working super hard, pushing sleds down his street, using his TRX, and is perfecting his mindset and nasal breathing in preparation for his big race! We are so proud of Crew and his determination, and we are so proud to spot our logo on his bike! GOOD LUCK CREW!!!

Monthly Book Giveaway-

The first person to email us a screenshot of a review of our podcast Boundless Body Radio on Apple Podcasts will receive a FREE BOOK! This month we are giving away Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body's Natural Ability to Self-Clean by former podcast guest and bestselling author Gin Stephens!

Bethany’s Move of the Month!

Supine Chest Opener

"You’ll be wondering where this stretch was your entire life! Open your chest, release tension from your shoulders, improve your posture, and breathe easier with this simple stretch!"

Recipe of the Month-

We love grill season around here, and we cannot get enough brisket on the smoker! This is the recipe we follow, from Aaron Franklin in Austin, TX! It’s a log cook, but it is worth it!!

Workout Program of the Month-

July is here, and we love our workouts outside! Check out this free workout using TRX Straps! Our favorite spot is on a tree near the lake by our house. This workout calls for sets based on time, not reps, so try to do as much as you can, and rest when needed!

Favorite Podcast Episode of the Month-

We have hosted both Dr. Bill Schindler and Scott Myslinski multiple times on Boundless Body Radio, but hearing them in this episode of the Carnivore Cast Podcast blew me away. I think if you can appreciate the points they made in this episode, you will be well on your way to healthy eating for the rest of your life. Fantastic job, both of you!!

…And Finally, A Quote We’ve Been Thinking About-

“Do not indulge in dreams of having what you have not, but reckon up the chief of the blessings you do possess, and then thankfully remember how you would crave for them if they were not yours.”

-Marcus Aurelius

Thank you for supporting Boundless Body! As always, you can book a complimentary 30-minute session with us here. And feel free to drop us a line with any feedback at

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