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Boundless Body Dispatch September 2022

Happy September! The kiddos are back at school, and the days are getting much shorter! Here is edition #3 of our monthly dispatch!

Client Shout-Out- Wade and Margie Grider!

Our September monthly shoutout is for Wade and Margie Grider! Casey works with Wade twice a month with his nutrition, and Bethany and Margie meet up twice a week for Pilates and strength training! Casey started working with Wade in 2019. Wade had gotten amazing results with his trainer, Jaxon Knighton (IG-, and needed an extra boost to improve his nutrition, get off insulin and other medications, and reverse his type 2 diabetes. Margie came to Bethany to learn how to do Pilates, to move better, and experience less pain. Wade has now lost an additional 37 lbs. and is less than one pound away from his goal weight! Margie is also adding muscle and has lost 10 lbs. of fat! They both recently took a family trip to Disneyland and were anxious about the less-than-ideal food options derailing their results. They both came up with smart and manageable plans, and they both ended up losing weight on the trip, without too much sacrifice! We are so happy for them and their progress and look forward to continuing to help them on their health and fitness journey!

Monthly Book Giveaway-

Bethany’s Move of the Month!

"Increase range of motion and decrease pain with this shoulder mobility drill. Keeping the back of your head in line with your spine, test the flexibility and strength of your entire rotator cuff. Not to mention, great for improving posture!”

Meal Plan of the Month-

Rather than just a single recipe, we’ve decided to send you an entire meal plan! Curious about trying a carnivore diet? Here are some carnivore(ish) meals that you can try! Feel free to add in veggie and carbs if you like, or stick with these, and see how you feel! Bethany and I love our meals on a carnivore diet, and we have no intention of going back anytime soon! Thank you to Diet Doctor for their amazing meal planning tool!

Workout Program of the Month-

We are not quite ready to head inside yet, so this month’s workout can be done anywhere, inside or out, without equipment! Check out this total body workout using your body weight! This is designed to be done for anyone at any level, so be sure to take breaks, and skip the more intense exercises if you don’t feel ready for them!

Favorite Podcast Episode of the Month-

As we mentioned last month, we recommend and coach our clients with low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, and/or carnivore diets. We disagree strongly with the notion that plant-based diets will help human or planetary health, and it has taken many years for us to come to this conclusion. It was only through experiencing the failure of the standard nutritional advice, with ourselves and with our clients, that we discovered a much better way to health.

Our favorite podcast episode of the month goes to The Big Middle Podcast with our good friend Susan Flory (Twitter- @thebigmiddlepod), who is doing outstanding work. Her 110th episode titled “Sacred Cow producer James Connoly” was fantastic. We interviewed James on episode 315 of Boundless Body Radio. He is incredibly thoughtful when it comes to dealing with complex issues around food, and Susan did an amazing job hosting him in this episode!

…And Finally, A Quote We’ve Been Thinking About-

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”


Thank you for supporting Boundless Body! As always, you can book a complimentary 30-minute session with us here. Check out our offerings on Patreon, where we strive to provide a much higher value than the price we ask for. And feel free to drop us a line with any feedback at

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